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    Sorbic Acid & Sorbates
    Monocalcium phosphate
    Chemical Name: Calcium Phosphate Monobasic, Monocalcium Phosphate
    Molecular Formula: Ca(H2PO4)2·H2O, Ca (H2PO4)2
    Molecular Weight: 252.07
    Properties: White crystalline powder,or plate crystal specific gravity 2.220,when heated to 100℃,it may loss crystal water.Soluble in acid slightly acid and has hygroscopicity,acidic property appeared in a aqueous solution(PH3).
    Quality standard: FCC-V, E341(i)
    Application: In food insustry, it is used as leavening agent, dough regulator, buffer, modifier, solidification agent, nutritional supplement, chelate agent, flulty agent for bake, cake, ferment agent buffer, fruit acid solidification in bread and cracker yeast food, modifier in meat organization, improve ferment in brew.
    Packing: It is packed with plastic bag as liner,and a compound plastic woven bag as the outer layer.The net weight of each bag is 25kg.
    Storage and transport: It should be stored in a dry and ventilative warehouse;kept away from water and moisture during transport,and handled with care,so as to avoid damaging to bags. Furthermore,it should be stored separately from poisonous substances.
    Index item FCC-V E341(I)
    Content(Calcium),% 15.9-17.7(Monohydrate)16.8-18.3(Anhydrous) Assay(on the dried basis), ≥95%
    P2O5Content, %   55.5-61.1
    Appearance -- Granular powder or white, deliquescent crystals or granules
    Identity test -- Positive tests for calcium and for phosphate
    Calcium oxide content ,% -- 19.0-24.8
    Arsenic, ≤mg/kg 3 3
    Fluorine, ≤mg/kg 50 30
    Heavy metal(in lead), ≤% -- --
    Lead, ≤mg/kg 2 4
    Cadmium, ≤mg/kg -- 1
    Mercury, ≤mg/kg -- 1
    Loss on drying,≤% Monohydrate 1.0 --
    Loss on drying -- Monohydrate 60℃, 1hour then 105℃, 4hours, ≤17.5% Anhydrous: 105℃, 4hours, ≤14%
    Loss on ignition Anhydrous 14.0-15.0 Monohydrate: 105℃, 1hour then ignite at 800℃±25℃ for 30minutes, ≤25.0% Anhydrous: ignite at 800℃±25℃ for 30minutes, ≤17.5%
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